#1 VET4WOMEN (Vocational Education & Entrepreneurship Training for Women) with the focus on Women and girls Leadership, Financial literacy and Economic empowerment 

AGE, as part of its comprehensive holistic approach to improve the quality of life of the underserved and vulnerable young women including sex workers in Lagos & Ogun State and to give them the opportunity to be self-reliance, financially and leadership inclusive, launches “VET4Women” Vocational Education & Training for Women in Catering & Baking, ICT, Make-Up/Gele tying, including adult education, financial literacy and leadership coaching for women (On-going project)

Results so far:

VET4WOMEN is a year long program, from January to December 2018. The project has trained more than 2500 women including sex workers and women and girls with special needs in Make-up application, Gele-tying, Bead-making, catering/baking, and adult literacy education. They have also organized 6 women capacity building/Leadership and woman2woman sessions for more than 100 women and girls in Lagos and Ogun Counties.

The key focus of our leadership training for women is to engage them to PressforProgress and to be economic and politically inclusive in the State. We also encourage them to register and obtain their permanent voters’ cards and are ready to vote during the election as this is their civic rights and responsibility.

We believe that one of the best ways to end child marriage and domestic violence is to empower women and help them to be financially inclusive and that’s exactly what we are doing at Girls Empowerment Hub.


In July 2018, our works at Girls Empowerment Hub, Dalemo was inspected by the Department of Women Empowerment Services, Ogun State Ministry of Women Affairs & Social Development, Abeokuta.

#2 The Right To Be A Girl – Child Marriage Campaign and Girls Empowerment Hub, Odukpani 

AGE Network’s work on child marriage and girls’ education spans across Nigeria. We want to end child marriage and promote girls’ good health and hygiene to help girls stay in school. And this we do through advocacy, community engagement, and practical support, including providing a safe haven, scholarships, educational materials and foods for orphaned and vulnerable children, particularly girls.

Thanks to our partners’ and principal partner’s- Mundo Cooperante, Spain- support and donations, we have utilized the data and lessons learned from developing a “Girls Empowerment Hub” in Dalemo – a safe space, cohort and resource center for economically disadvantaged young women and girls in Ogun and Lagos Counties- to start the construction of a permanent Safe haven and Empowerment Hub in Odukpani, Calabar in 2018 for more than 12,000 economically disadvantaged young women and girls.  We also began raising awareness and a sensitization campaign. Many of these young women and girls include those at risk of child and early-forced marriage, those who have dropped out of school and are already in child brides homes, teenage mothers, and those affected by domestic violence. The hub grants these young women and girls access to vocational skills, financial literacy, adult literacy, leadership training, and woman2woman counseling to become self–reliant and economically-included in Cross River County.

The three broader objectives of the project include:

  1. Offering safe-spaces for young women and girls who have fled their homes due to child marriage and various forms of violence, including sexual and domestic violence,
  2. Offering the most affected women and girls with appropriate psychosocial initiatives, such as woman2woman counseling,
  3. Empowering vulnerable women and girls – including survivors of gender-based violence, victims of rape, early child marriage and teenaged pregnancy, stigmatized women and girls due to disabilities, TB, HIV/AIDS and Cancer – by offering them with counseling and referral for treatment support, leadership training, ICT and vocational and entrepreneurship skills.

Thanks to our sponsors and partners, For the 2018/2019 academic session, AGE still sustain the 10 children on scholarship and have donated books and educational materials to 100 children since in 2018.

#3. AGECARES Initiative

AGE Cares focuses on the Good Health and Wellbeing of the most vulnerable. AGECares initiative was launched by AGE Network in March 2018 with the objective of empowering refugees and internally displaced persons by offering them with emergency humanitarian assistance, such as fulfilling their food and nutrition, shelter, basic health needs on ATMC- AIDS, Tuberculosis Malaria Cancer and WASH requirements.

We have also set aside sessions for woman2woman counseling, care and support for victims of domestic violence, teenage mothers, rape and those facing discrimination and stigma due to disability, TB and HIV to resuscitate and help them overcome self-stigma and the damaging mental health effect of abuse. Thus far in 2018 we have conducted more than 500 woman2woman counseling sessions including HIV/AIDS and TB Voluntary counseling & referral for Testing and treatment at the primary healthcare centers for 1250 women and children.

AGECares is a year-long programme and through this project, we are helping internally Displaced and underserved women and children have access to basic health care and needs, including free HIV/AIDS and TB Voluntary counseling, testing, and referrals for TB treatment and access to ARV, Nutritional food items, and clothing. But we cannot do it alone, without the support of well-meaning Nigerians and partner organizations that joined and support our #AGECares project by donating Nutritional food items and clothes and together we are even closer to ending hunger and achieve Sustainable Development Goals 2 and 3 which is Zero Hunger and Good Health and Well-Being in Nigeria.

Women’s and children’s good health and wellbeing is of paramount importance to us at AGE, and that is why we have integrated it into every area of our work. Our project on AGEcares which also include Prevention of Mother to Child HIV/AIDS Transmission, Nutritional foods support to Orphaned and Vulnerable Children (PMTCT/OVC) and TB case finding in Lagos, Ogun and Cross River State has yielded a huge success. With the support of our partners/Sponsors, we have helped 12250 Internally Displaced women, Orphaned and vulnerable children in Lagos, Cross River and and Ogun improved knowledge on HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and have access to nutritional foods including referral for treatment and care

#4 Moment for Women Initiative- A movement for Gender Equality

As part of the efforts to advance human rights, amplify the voices of the under-served women and girls, and end gender-based violence including the right of Lesbian, bisexual and sex workers in Nigeria, in June 2018 African Girls Empowerment Network partnered with Moment for Women Alliance to launch Moment for Women Show, an initiative that seeks to help women overcome the damaging mental health effect of abuse through woman2woman counseling, constructive engagement, data translation documentaries and talks-show, street protest to amplify their voices to end gender-based violence in all its forms and promote girls’ good health and well-being and improve equal access to productive resources in Nigeria. The program also empowers rape survivors, teenage mothers, victims of domestic violence and female circumcision to tell their stories and speak out for the human rights of women and girls We strengthened their capacity through tech and media to advocate for girls’ right to education, Women’s economic and bodily rights including sexual, reproductive health and rights and speak out against gender based violence.

Through the Moment for Women Show, we have been able to reach out to over 3000 women and young girls across Africa and educate them on Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights, including family planning/child spacing, prevention of gender based violence, TB and HIV/AIDS prevention and awareness campaign, entrepreneurship and leadership and other contemporary issues that affects women in the society.