Our Mission

Who are we?

African Girls Empowerment Network (AGE Network), is a registered young female-focused Charity/Non-Profit Organization dedicated to the cause of vulnerable, disabled, and economically disadvantaged young women & girls in Africa.

Our Mission?

To empower, support and protect the human rights of African women and girls for our generation and most importantly the generations next.

Our Vision?

Our Vision is to be Africa’s No.1 women and girls’ capacity development and economic empowerment hub, a platform through which Gender Equality will be attained in Africa.

What do we do?

  1. Support for girls’ education and Adult literacy classes for young women
  2. Young women comprehensive sexuality, reproductive health & rights education (CSE/SRHR)
  3. Women’s Good Health and Wellbeing with focus on AIDS Tuberculosis, Malaria and Cancer (ATMC) prevention, support and care.
  4. Ending violence against women with focus on Child & Early force marriage prevention (CEFM), Female genital cutting (FGM/C), Domestic violence (DV), sexual abuse and rape prevention and support and care to those who are already victims.
  5. Women’s financial, economic and leadership inclusion with focus on financial literacy, leadership and vocational skills training and micro credit for underserved women.