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According to our partner Girls Not Brides, education can be one of the most powerful tools to enable girls to avoid child marriage and fulfil their potential. The longer a girl stays in school, the less likely she is to be married before the age of 18 and have children during her teenage years.

When girls have access to safe, quality secondary education, the benefits are widely felt. Educated girls develop skills, knowledge and confidence to make informed decisions including if, when and whom to marry.

Being in school also supports the perception that girls are still children and are therefore not of a suitable age to marry.

STEM Girls Nigeria seeks to let girls stay in school, improve academic performance, empower girls and advance gender equality in girls’ education particularly in the field of Science & Technology.


  • Engage girls to develop interest in STEM Subjects
  • Improve girls’ academic performance/grade in STEM subjects
  • Increase the enrolment of girls in STEM majors in Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria and other Countries
  • Provide girls with science and mathematics textbook
  • Engaging Girls and educating them to see education as alternative to child marriage
  • Engaging parents and educating them on the debilitating effect of child marriage

Main activities:

  • Launched the STEM Girls School Club in various schools and colleges in Nigeria by organizing classes for them in science subjects, answer their questions, encourage them to form study group among themselves
  • STEM Girls Facebook Live Chat to create an open discussion on issues affecting us as girls and women
  • Child Marriage Awareness Campaign
  • Mentoring Program: Currently developing a platform in order to match mentees and mentors
  • STEM Girls Talk Show: Bi-weekly online series that bring together women working in STEM and girls interested in the scientific field


  • Books and educational materials for 200 children
  • So far we have participated in more than 50 schools in Lagos and Ogun
  • 120 members of STEM  Girls school club in Nigeria
  • Strengthen relationship with parents and teacher

Shop With a Purpose

African Girls Empowerment Network partners with a number of vendors to bring attention to the important work that is being done by our program participants everyday. Purchase our STEM GIRLS KIT which comprises a Customized STEM GIRLS T-shirt, Student’s Pen, Stickers, and a Brochure!

NGO/CSW65 Young Feminist Award 2021

In June 2021, Our STEM Girls Initiative received NGO/CSW65 Young feminist Award organized by NGO/CSW Youth Leaders & Young Professional and supported by Women Have Wings.