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Every girl and woman has the power to transform her world. When girls or women work together, we have the power to create a better world for all of us.

Since our organization encompasses more than one project, in order to ensure the coordination between them, projects have been grouped into a Program. This program approach adds value as it provides our organization with coordinated control, support and guidance.

AGE Network work focuses on 5 major initiatives which are the following:

VET4Women Initiative

VET4WOMEN (Vocational Education & Entrepreneurship Training for Women) is a project which focuses on young women leadership, capacity building and economic empowerment.

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STEM Girls Initiative

STEM Girls Nigeria seeks to let girls stay in school and advance gender equality in girls’ education particularly in the field of Science & Technology.

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AGE Cares Initiative

Our AGE Cares Initiative focuses on achieving women/girls’ body & health rights and achieving women/girls good health & wellbeing.

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Moment for Women Initiative

Initiative to amplify young women and girls voices.

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#BellebyChoice Initiative

#BellebyChoice Initiative seeks to advance young women/girls bodily rights, and autonomy.

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