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Key takeaways and calls to action from the AGECares 16Days of Activism Speak Up and Heal Summit.

For some of us who  were unable to attend the Speak Up and Heal Summit held on December 10, 2022, in commemoration of International Human Rights Day 2022 kindly find below the link to watch the SPEAK UP & HEAL Summit 


Take a look at the key takeaways and calls to action from the Speak Up and Heal Summit and  together  we can  end violence against women and girls in our society

1. Creation of awareness: This is one of the most effective techniques for preventing or ending the rising rate of violence against women and girls. All frontline advocates should prioritize community awareness in the streets, marketplaces, schools, churches, and homes in order to educate women and girls on their human rights and laws so that they can have the knowledge and ability to say no to violence.

2. Engaging Men and Boys: Since men and boys are the main perpetrators of this violence, we should implement more projects that concentrate on them. Educating them on the laws against violence against people, the impact of violence on victims, families, and the nation at large, as well as the consequences of their actions, will go a long way toward correcting their abusive behavior.

3. Creating a safe space: A safe space can allow women and girls who are victims of GBV to speak up and obtain counseling, or other required support to help them get out of the situation. This will break the silence about GBV among women and girls.

4. Creating a Community Response Team: We should collaborate with community leaders, community officers and workers, and security agencies to establish a functioning community response team at the community and school levels. This will make it easier for women and girls to get the support they need when they encounter violence of any type and to know where to go to report abuse. This response team will also ensure that the perpetrators of the acts of violence reported to them are punished in accordance with the law.

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