Ministry of Women Affairs Ogun State visit to AGE Network

The Department of Women Empowerment Services, Ogun State Ministry of Women Affairs & Social Development Abeokuta has visited African Girls Empowerment Network on 26th July 2018 for inspection of the work of the organization at Girls Empowerment Hub Dalemo.

The officials of the Ministry did a thorough inspection and evaluation of the organization’s work including its various units to ensure that its goals, mission, and vision are judiciously followed and adhere to.

The Director, Department of Women Empowerment Services Mrs. Fadairo Bolanle Olatoni who led the officials of the ministry to visit AGE Network was impressed with the impacts the organization has made in the areas of vocational skills, adult literacy and leadership training for women in Ado Odo Ota Local Government area Ogun State.  

Speaking on the purpose of their visits, the Director, Department of Women Empowerment Services Mrs. Fadairo Bolanle Olatoni said that, part of their job is to ensure that Non-Governmental Organizations abide by regulatory rules binding the establishment and running of NGOs in the State. She also emphasizes the importance of having a passion for humanity without self-gain and enrichment.

“We came to inspect your work at African Girls Empowerment Network and from what we have seen so far it is satisfactory. And we say congratulation. This is part of our work at the ministry; to ensure that NGOs operating in Ogun State, particularly those working with women meet our standards”

Also speaking, the president of AGE Network, Mrs. Blessing Michael, thanked the officials of the Ogun State ministry women affairs & social development for taking time out of their busy schedules to visit and to inspect their work at African Girls Empowerment Network.  “On behalf of the management and staff of African Girls Empowerment Network, I want to say thank you Ma for coming to inspect our work at African Girls Empowerment Network and to see what we have been doing in providing vocational skills, adult literacy and leadership training for women in Ogun State.”  

Calling on the ministry to support African Girls Empowerment Network’s efforts in empowering these vulnerable young women in Ogun State she said; “What we are doing here at Girls Empowerment Hub, is a passion for humanity, thanks to our donors and partners, our goals are to ensuring that women in Ogun state and in the nation at large are empowered with various skills to enable them to function independently. This skills acquisition class is helping women get out of the chains of poverty, helping sex works and victims of child marriage and domestic violence to become independent and financially inclusive.   But part of the factor limiting our ability to reach out to more women in the hard –to- reach communities is lack of resources and financial support. These women need to start up their own businesses immediately after training but, without finances, this can’t be possible.”

Speaking further on other challenges facing women in Ogun State, she disused the issue of girl child marriage, hunger, domestic violence and rape and reiterated that her organization is committed to ending violence against women and girls.

“We believe that one of the best  ways to end child marriage and domestic violence is to empower women and help them to be financially inclusive and that’s exactly what we are doing at Girls Empowerment Hub including AGECares outreach programs that  geared towards helping the less privilege women through basic health care, donations of nutritional food items and clothing.”


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