Advancing Women Leadership, Governance/Economic Rights

We strengthen young women and girls’ political inclusion and participation in leadership, governance, and entrepreneurship through:

  • Leadership training
  • Constructive engagement
  • Policy advocacy
  • Microcredits
  • ICT Training/Vocational skills
  • Financial literacy skills 

Through these actions, we work to improve young women and girls’ economic well-being, and political and financial inclusions in Nigeria.

Advancing Women’s Good Health and Wellbeing

Our focus areas include:

  • AIDS, Tuberculosis (TB), Malaria and Cancer (ATMC) Prevention, care and support
  • Demand for access to clean Water Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH)
  • Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights information and support services (SRHR) 
  • Ending Domestic violence/Stigmatization against women with differing sexual orientation and status
  • Child Marriage/ Female circumcision (CEFM/C)
  • Peace-building 
  • Woman-to-woman counselling 
  • Legal aid for the most affected and vulnerable women, sex workers, lesbians, child brides, indigenous and internally displaced women and victims of domestic violence

Our work on girls’ education and child marriage includes:

  • Raising awareness and community engagement on girls’ right to education
  • Support for pregnant girls and new mothers including Life skills for married girls and girls at risk of child marriage
  • Scholarship and financial support for girls from poor families so they can go to school
  • Teacher training to support girls’ education
  • Working with school management committees on girls’ education
  • Gender-based violence and sexual harassment training in schools including Comprehensive sexuality education for girls   
  • Gender-sensitive curriculum development with the focus stem education
  • Menstrual hygiene support for girls including Safe spaces for girls in school
  • Advocacy for gender-responsive education budgeting and education policies that take into account the needs of girls at risk of child marriage and married girls
  •  Involved in the development of gender responsive education sector plan / strategy

Our Core Competencies

Our team comprises experts with decades of experience and excellence, result-oriented in the non-profit sector and with a reputation for efficient service delivery. AGE Network has a significant level of experience in:

  • Women economic empowerment
  • Community health & development, particularly in 
    • Sexual Reproductive Health & Rights
    • Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV/AIDS
    • Tuberculosis, Malaria, & Cancer Prevention, Care & Supports 
    • Child and Women’s Health & Rights 
  • Women’s leadership and vocational skills

Our Strategies

  1. Education/Training/Capacity-building & Leadership development
  2. Direct action, street mobilizing/ protests, Advocacy and campaigning
  3. Online mobilization via social media
  4. Convenings/Community engagement and dialogues for collective strategizing
  5. Artivism ( the use of art, dance, painting, film-making, music, culture, poetry etc…for activism)
  6. Microfinance/programs focused on income and economic empowerment
  7. Start Up Entrepreneurship Workshop
  8. Documentation: Video Photos Storytelling, Tech and media
  9. Legal Aid/Support
  10. Medical Aid/ Psychological Support and care
  11. Networking/alliance and movement building

Engaging the Community

It has been the philosophy of AGE to identify committed women and youth leaders from among the community for planning and implementing all its development programmes.

As part of its Alliance/Movement Building Strategy, AGE has consistently involved the community stakeholders including the local council chairman and other community leaders in each and every step of its projects. This has, over the years, ensured that the participation of the community is full-fledged in all our activities and the communities feel a sense of ownership to the project.